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Can Chiropractors Give Nutritional Advice?

Many of us may not think too long and hard about the impact our diet has on our health and [...]

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I Was an Emotional Eater. Here’s How I Stopped

The socio-economic devastation of COVID-19 landed me in therapy. Like many of us impacted by the pandemic, I was struggling [...]

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Food vs Supplements: Which is Better and Why

Many adults and children take at least one supplement or vitamin a day, largely due to the belief that doing [...]

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Which Diet Will Work for You?

There are plenty of diets that have come up over the years and all over the internet. But, let’s be [...]

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Top 5 Healthy No-Prep Snacks According to a Nutritionist

Now that the new year break is coming to an end (perhaps for some of us it has already ended), [...]


Best Christmas Entrée Idea Ever

Easy Christmas Entrée


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Go Nuts! The Health Benefits of Nuts