Dr. Lachlan Fisher

Dr. Lachlan Fisher Associate, Chiropractic

      Dr. Lachie believes that  providing a high quality, patient-centered experience is the key to getting positive long-lasting results. 

      He joined Balanced Body Chiropractic in 2019. Dr. Lachie is also a member of the Balanced Body Allied Health team, which comprises physiotherapy, podiatry and massage therapy. The team operates out of the M3 Health Bayswater clinic. He has gained invaluable experience working with chronic pain patients and his experience has shown him the importance of working in a multidisciplinary, integrated health team. 

      Dr. Lachie holds a Bachelors of Health Science/Applied Science (Chiropractic) and is a registered chiropractor with AHRPA

      Questions about how chiropractic can help with chronic conditions? Ask Dr. Lachie.   drlachlan@bbchiro.com.au