Susan Podhorodecki

Susan Podhorodecki Aromatherapist and Clincial Masseur

Susan knows that aromatherapy has the power to help people enhance their everyday lives. She’s worked with essential oils for over 10 years and has observed how the oils have helped improve her clients’ physical and psychological wellbeing.  

Susan is an expert at strategically combining essential oils and massage therapy to assist you with managing your pain, reducing your anxiety, improving your sleep, enhancing your wellbeing…the list goes on. 

Susan is a certified massage and aromatherapy therapist. She has participated in numerous short courses in massage techniques, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic head therapies and, most recently, aromatherapy and mental health.

Susan holds a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy from The Health Arts College and a Certificate IV in Massage from the Australian College of Fitness and Bodywork.  She is a member of the Massage Association of Australia.

Confused about essential oils? Struggling to know how to pick a good one? Having difficulty knowing which essential oil will suit your needs? Send Susan an email – she’s always happy to share her knowledge and provide expert advice!